Montag, 4. Januar 2010

In 2010, let's save the planet!

2009 ended with a disaster: The heads of state from all over the world did not manage to conclude an agreement to tackle climate change at the COP15 summit in Copenhagen. Speechless and shocked about how the decision makers waste the future of the planet, the climate pirates decided to conclude their campaign with a silent action in front of the conference centre during the last day of the event: Almost 40 activists shaved their heads as expression of their "climate shame" regarding the completely insufficient results of the conference. As climate pirate David Wagner put it: "If you have to reach the moon, of course can climb on a chair and consider it as a first step. But of course this is completely insufficient regarding the dimension and importance of the task."

The climate pirates will continue their fight for climate justice in 2010.
Happy new year!

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